Woodlife Sweden is an exhibition about wood architecture, construction and design,
but a wider approach to the subject also includes sustainable architecture and
sustainable forestry. We hope the exhibition, through a Swedish perspective, may
inspire and boost interest in the advantages of wood architecture – with the overall
aim to reach the Agenda 2030 goals. Woodlife Sweden Exhibition is being hosted by
the Department of Architecture courtesy of the Swedish Ambassador in Nairobi from
18th to the 22nd October, 2021.

Students and teaching staff from the Department of Architecture attend Woodlife Sweden Exhibition and Seminar in Nairobi

Students and teaching staff led by the Chairman Arch. Musau Kimeu attended the Woodlife Sweden Exhibition and Seminar. The event was hosted by the Swedish Ambassador Caroline Vicini at her residence in Nairobi from the 27th to the 29th September 2021. It was opened by Mr Charles Hinga, PS for Housing and Urban Development and Mr. Julius Kamau, Chief Conservatoire of Forests as chief guests.

65th Graduation Ceremony

Friday, September 24, 2021

“Let us refuse to be prisoners of history and deliberately prepare ourselves for the journey ahead. Like Martin Luther King Jr, we may not have the whole staircase, but we ought to take the first step in faith.” Emphasized Dr. Vijoo Rattansi, OGW, Chancellor, the University of Nairobi at the 65th graduation ceremony.


Dr. Rattansi encouraged the class of 2021 that graduation presents an opportunity to start afresh and to embark on new beginnings.



The County Government of Taita Taveta (CGTT) in association with development partners has approached you to design the Voi Cultural Centre in Voi Sub County. The Centre should encapsulate cultural values and norms of the Taita Taveta People. It should be inspirational, a source of employment and business, the pride of the citizenry. It should have spaces to display, performs, represent and partake of the rich cultural traditions.