Promotion of Cultural and Social Society



Fourth year class pose for a group photo after visiting ruins of Gedi Historical and archeological site during and academic trip. During the visit they participate in various conservation activities

Dissemination Activities of Research to Communities



Third year Studio Staff and students pose for a group photo with Voi Primary Pupils after a Community engagement in which they gave motivational talk to the pupils, in addition the pupils  received various writing materials from the Department.


CSR Objective

This project is a buildup of previous projects, intending to employ lessons gathered thereof; of site analysis, form making, space making etc. However, the specific objectives are designing in a
complex socio – economic context, exploring opportunities, challenges and possibly obstacles presented therein. These include:
1. To explore ‘critical regionalism’ as an Architectural expression.
2. To introduce design of public spaces, relevance, accessibility, utility among others.
3. Sustainability in Architecture (Environmentally & Culturally) i.e. incorporate green
technology, local building technology, sensitivity to cultural aspects of space design and
disposition etc.
4. To explore
• Space in buildings & between buildings.
• Phenomenology and Meaningful architecture
• Landscape design (utilitarian, ornamental or both)