Names of Awardees

Ranking of the Nominees and Citation UON@50 : Outstanding Achiever Narrative


Arch. Kigara Kamweru

  • 2005 CAA Accreditation
  • International Student Competitions won within department
  • Chairman 2002-2010
  • Launched Two-tier degree programme in Architecture.
  • Completed and implemented the departmental strategic plan.
  • Key member of inaugural UNES Strategic Planning committee
  • Director of Building Research Unit as HABRI was incorporate into the department forming the Department of Architecture and Building Science.
  • Introduction of work study programme at departmental level at computer lab.
  • Transformation of staff perception through collaborative activities and vision.
  • Revolutionalisation of the department’s image amongst peers and regulatory bodies both local and international
  • Collaborative links with international partners.
  • Weekly Friday Column in the Daily Nation.



Prof. Tom J. C. Anyamba

  • Originator of African vernacular architecture
  • Chairman 1998-2002
  • Dean 2011-2015
  • Introduced African Architecture as core to department breaking from Eurocentric direction of the department’s founders.
  • Research grant of $ 121,480.00 from Norwegian Universities’ Council (NUFU), for research on Human Settlements.
  • Initiated departmental strategic plan.
  • Published book.
  • Publications
  • Architectural Design with African Traditional Focus…Kisumu


Arch. Musau Kimeu

  • MOU with University of Cambridge Postgraduate Programme
  • Winner of the Green Architect of the Year Award 2015: Energy Management Award
  • Energy Management Awards 2014: Winner of the Green Building Award (LRC Building at CUEA) population through outreach and hiring criteria.
  • Environmental design programme. Includes Masters of Architecture (environmental design)
  • Publications
  • Architectural Design with Environmental Design Focus …LRC

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Ms. Tabitha M. Kiarie

Senior Technologist

 SMIS and  Website Champion
  • Member of the Performance Contracting committee   Facilitated the department being ranked No. 2 teaching department in the whole University, and No. 1 in the College of Architecture and Engineering.
  • Coordinates departmental events including décor and ambience.
  • Departments’ Peer counselor – counsels and guides students at undergraduate level.
  • Inspection and acceptance of delivered equipment/goods for the school of the Built Environment
  • A member of the ICT board
  • Member of College Environment Committee
  • School of the Built Environment Representative in the Shows and Exhibitions
  • Committee member in the Annual E.A. Architecture Regional Workshop and Exhibition - décor and ambience.
  • Member of the USPAS Steering committee representing Grades A-F and 12-15
Christine Nzilani Student University Valedictorian with the highest mark.