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World renowned Architect, Urbanist and Pritzker Prize winner REM KOOLHAAS visited the Department of Architecture & Building Science from 27th to 30 April 2018. The Pritzker prize is often referred to as “Architecture’s Nobel Prize” and it is the profession’s highest honour.

His visit marked the commencement of research he was undertaking under the Title: Countryside: Future of the World, which  culminated with an exhibition under the same title at the Guggenheim Museum in New York, USA during Fall 2019 (September 2019).




Hakan Kodal

gave a lecturer on 13th March 2020

Emre Alorat

gave a lecturer on 13th March 2020

Hitesh Mehta

FASLA, FRIBA, FAAK, Associate AIA gave lecture on 24th April 2020

Arch. Ken Sowerby

from Australia - Guest speaker on 24th February 2021