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Arch. Caleb Mutali + Arch Peninah Mutonga
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6th year
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The world has been changing at an unprecedented rate in the last century. With a move towards globalization, where the world is more
connected than ever, there is a sense of placelessness. Optimized technology and highly standardized commercial regulations have limited
the possibility of creating a rich urban form to some degree. In African cities, in this case, Nairobi, there has been little attempts at extracting
the uniqueness from the regional culture, especially on highrise buildings. On the other hand, with advancements made in technologies, in
this case, Parametric Design, optimized technology can be used to extract the uniqueness of any culture.
This research seeks to investigate whether Parametric Design can be used to advance what can be conceptualized, designed and built. The
author chose to focus on facades particularly because they are the most visible and relatable aspect of a building from the outside, aside from
Based on the literature reviewed concerning the expression of culture on facades, and how parametric design can advance it. The author
established that little attempts had been made at expressing culture in Nairobi. And even though Parametric modeling can be used to model
culturally expressive buildings, some cased studies showed that it can be achieved using simpler means.
Therefore the overall conclusion was parametric modeling can actually help in this endeavor but the main problem was not a limitation of
technology, rather it was a lack of willingness to challenge the boundaries that existing technologies have limited. Inspiration is everywhere
in the African Continent, Architects and designers may need to step up.
Parametric Design through powerfull, is merely a tool. A tool is only as good as the person who wields it, how inspired they are. It is more
about the architects needing inspiration.