Year of Study: 3

Academic Year: 2017 - 2018

Semester: 1

Architectural Design Project: 01 | 03 (Supplementary Project

Duration:  2  weeks

Principle Instigator
Studio Staff: Arch. Adnan Mwakulomba - Y M Arch. /Pro. Laban Shihembetsa, Arch. Kamau Karogi, Arch. Caleb Mutali, Arch. Florence Nyole   
  • Technical Communication: Layout, dimensioning, Lettering, title blocks, labels, symbols, graphics of various building elements
  • Measured drawings, Team work etc.  
  • Introduction to building construction and technology: Assemblage of building parts and elements, materials, etc
  • Appreciation of Human scales [individual| Group]
Project Code
BAR 313
Project Status