The County Government of Taita Taveta (CGTT) in association with development partners has approached you to design the Voi Cultural Centre in Voi Sub County. The Centre should encapsulate cultural values and norms of the Taita Taveta People. It should be inspirational, a source of employment and business, the pride of the citizenry. It should have spaces to display, performs, represent and partake of the rich cultural traditions.
It will be a world class Centre, in tandem with similar developments around the globe. The Centre will have the following spaces:
• Library (mid-level) and information centre
• Auditorium for 600 pax
• 4 meeting rooms
• Amphi-theatre for 400 pax
• Cafeteria & Kitchen
• 4 class rooms
• Administration offices & 3 retail outlets (Curio shop, bookshop, souvenir shop etc.)
• Maintenance department and other ancillary facilities
• Open spaces: landscaped spaces, fields, courtyards, etc.
In this dream Centre, the developers are keen to capture The County’s identity; a sense of community and
belonging, environmentally sound and heavily reliant on local technology & materials and labor.
Upon its completion, the Architecture of Centre will demonstrate utmost creativity. And, that thoughtful and
sustainable architecture can have positive impact on the children, youth and generally the well-being of a
community. The CGTT & USAID further wishes that, this being a public private partnership owned facility; the facilities should be adequate and available, from time to time, to host activities of the CGTT as an alternative to the CGTT Headquarters.

Principle Instigator
Studio Staff: Arch. Adnan Mwakulomba - Y M Arch. /Pro. Laban Shihembetsa, Arch. Kamau Karogi, Arch. Caleb Mutali, Arch. Florence Nyole
  • To introduce design in a rich social context with intention to create highly stimulating environment for creative learning
  • To explore character through use of indoor and outdoor spaces
  • To introduce interior architecture & design.
  • To explore the organization and linkages of various functions horizontally and vertically in a building
  • Anthropometrics for the young ones.

You will explore (your presentation will contain):

  • Site Analysis and investigation
  • Brief Formulation
  • Materiality and Technology in general
  • Third dimension, additive and subtractive space making
  • Sensorial stimulation
  • Social, cultural and contextual issues. Visual and Physical Controls
  • Perception, among others
  • Building Technology and materials
Project Code
BAR 313
Project Status