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Arch. Musau Kimeu and Arch. Mumbi maina
Degree Programme
Bachelor of Architecture
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Geometry and form as science is indispensable to architecture. This relationship between architecture and
geometry inspired research on numerous geometric theories in the modern architecture period. Inspired by
this theories, this study searches for the influence of geometry in the modern architecture of Nairobi from
1963 to 1990, to explore the various geometric form-making techniques used therein. The study explores
the use of geometry as a tool for designing architecture through analysis of the various precedents that were
documented in this study.

The research involves a comprehensive review of existing literature on geometry and modern architecture,
as well as a qualitative analysis of selected precedents of modern architecture buildings in Nairobi’s CBD
between 1963 and 1990. The buildings are selected based on their architectural significance and geometric
relevance to the study. The analysis reveals the geometric form making techniques that were in application
in the modern architecture period of Nairobi’s CBD.

The analysis also applies the use of geometry as a tool for architectural design by introducing a template that can be followed in the architectural design phase. The lessons learnt in this study propose recommended best practices of geometric form-making techniques of modern architecture in Nairobi’s CBD and thus furthers the efforts of previous scholarly works on the city’s architecture.