Objectives of the Assignment:

  • To understand scale and proportion ie relationships of heights, breadth, length and areas
  • To explore the subject of imagery and architectural graphics.

 Brief Preamble:

This task is meant to enrich students on how to develop and present their ideas. how to draw using a range of media, the basic rules of making effective spatial images, how to read


M. Mweru (YM), E. Liku (YM), V. Mahinda ,D. Too, F. Nyole


The Task

The tasks are divided into four:

  • The design exercise will be preceded by group desk studies of various sources of literature.
  • Taking of measurements and presenting measured drawings on a number of spaces within ADD.
  • Taking of measurements and presenting measured drawings on individual sleeping spaces
  • Applying all the skills gained to the next projects

Spaces to be studied within ADD include:
1. ADD entrance lobby
2. Dept of Architecture entrance lobby
3. Large seminar room
4. Small seminar room
5. The lecturer’s offices on the main studio level
6. Space 108
7. Space 108 lobby
8. 5th yr studio
9. Documentation centre
10. Masters room on ground floor
11. Main Studio level
12. Main Studio level lobby
13. Computer lab
14. Library
15. Studio one

Mode of Final Presentation
Freehand sketches (mixed media)
3D-Drawings – Perspective &Axonometric
Technical drawings site plans, floor plans, sections & elevations Scale 1:50

Project Code
Project Status