AAK Duracoat Awards of Excellence in Architecture, 2024

This week, from Monday 26th February to Saturday 2nd March, 2024, the University of Nairobi, Department of Architecture has the pleasure of hosting the AAK Duracoat, Awards of Excellence in Architecture exhibition.

The exhibition (being entries to the AAK Awards) is being held at the ADD Architecture Studios, on level 4.


From the entries will be appraised on 27th and 28th February, 2024, by a jury comprising:

  1. Arch. Jacqueline Namayanja- President, EAIA
  2. Arch. Fawaz Bisher- Consulting Architect and Project Manager
  3. Arch. Sherif Morgan- CEO MCDC, Adjunct Professor Cairo University

Thereafter, the exhibition will be open to the public from Thursday until Saturday.

Every year, the AAK Architect’s chapter invites architectural practitioners to anonymously submit their most remarkable projects, thereby giving them a platform to showcase their innovation,creativity and visionary excellence. The awards celebrate outstanding projects across several categories. They are:

Best African (re)presentation - project designs rooted within our regional context, that embody African heritage, practices, and traditions.
Best Interior Environment - projects that demonstrate an original, innovative  take on indoor space design.
Best Landscape Architecture - outdoor projects whose design and implementation shows mindfulness both at the detail level and within its broader context.
Best Empowerment & Social Equity through Design - projects with demonstrated consideration of vulnerable and marginalised groups through creative and responsive design interventions.
Best Commercial - Office, retail, and mixed-use development projects that exhibit design ingenuity, while maintaining their functionality and sustainability.
Best Residential -  Individual family homes, apartment complexes or housing commune designs that prioritise comfort, liveability and aesthetic appeal.
Institutional Excellence - institution and facility design projects that are remarkably designed, meet functional and user needs, and positively impact the community.
Best Student/ Graduate - conceptual projects that showcase the ingenuity and creativity of current University students and fresh graduates.

The jury shall then measure the above against a scorecard encompassing; Design, Contextual appropriateness, Sustainability, Socio-economic Impact and Creative material use. This will culminate in a Gala Dinner, on Thursday 29th February,14 to celebrate the outstanding architectural projects presented, and to crown the winners of this prestigious award.