Every human being loves to put a claim on the space he/she occupies. It is normal for one to put a mark of demarcation to define one’s territory. Over and above the demarcation method of claiming territory, other people go further and personalize their space hence giving it an identity. The identity mark may be, Form Articulation, Texture, Colour, Artifacts, and Light etc. In reverse, the space identity gives the owner identity as well. This results into a symbiotic state of existence. In the commercial world they call it branding. In Architecture we call it space identity.


    M. Mweru (YM), E. Liku (YM), V. Mahinda, D. Too, F. Nyole


    You have graduated from 1st year of study and moved to 2nd year. This growth is further symbolized by change of space from Studio 1 to Studio 2. Now you have a new home where you are going to spend the best part of your time in 2nd year. The space is empty and lacks identity. An identity that can only be given by the user – yourself. The identity you give to the space becomes your identity.
    As a way of giving Studio 2 identity, you are tasked to design a 3-demensional object which will be placed on the studio to liven it and at the same time give it a character. The object may be placed on the floor, on the table or hang on the wall or under the ceiling.

    •  Free hand drawing technique
    • Color or monochrome
    • Paper size A4/A3

    High premium shall be placed on how you show control, mastery, and execution in the use of lines, shading, dotting, perspective, and other communication techniques that you perfected during your First Year in this school.
    Due date: Monday 24th September, 2018

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