Student Name
Project Supervisor
Arch. Githitu Mahinda
Degree Programme
Registration Number
Project year
6th year

Today, most people are not working in an office setting that works for them. The office should not be a place to add onto the daily
stresses of modern life for a place where people spend a huge chunk of their day. The design of corporate offices is lagging behind
despite advancements in technology and more agile business practices in the past few decades. We are now at a point in time where
the focus of corporate office design is being centred on people and nature.
This study will therefore seek to explore how the design of offices has changed over time from the perspective of corporate
organizations and user needs. The study was done by critically analysing 3 offices in Nairobi namely, Kenya Railways Headquarters,
KCB Towers and BAT Kenya Head Office. The results showed that BAT Kenya was the best office among the three as the designers
balanced needs of the organization and the users of the space. Concluding from that, it is recommended that corporate offices should
provide a variety of workspaces, have a connection to nature and high-rise office buildings should be designed with careful
consideration to the human scale.