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Drug and alcohol addiction is one of the global menaces that affects all sectors of society in the world. There is an alarming population proportion particularly in developing countries like Kenya whereby young people at their tender age regardless of their social, economic, religious or ethnic background delve into alcohol, drug and substance abuse. Continuous abuse of drugs leads to addiction which distorts and changes the structure of the human brain and eventually erodes a person's self-control, ability of making sound decisions and accompanying many medical issues such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer, mental disorders and so on. The escalation of this menace triggered the government into creation of an organization that coordinates a public education and awareness campaign against alcohol and drug abuse in Kenya (The National Agency for the Campaign Against Drug Abuse -NACADA) as well as supporting the establishment of treatment centres for the victims of addiction.
This study aims to explore Rehabilitation Architecture by integrating therapeutic principles in Addiction Rehabilitation Centre design. The primary focus will be use of nature as therapy and how it can be integrated into the built form. This involves design strategies that increase connection to the natural world and consequently impact the rehabilitation process positively. For example: healing gardens and bringing the outside in.
For the purpose of this study, visual survey, observation checklists and photographs were used as instruments of data collection. The raw data collected was arranged and organized in more compacted forms using tables. The major findings are that only a few biophilic techniques that play important role in impacting the healing process of the addicts for effective and holistic treatment are employed in the centres that were considered as case studies.
Based on the research findings, the author identified and recommended relevant guidelines that encompass both architectural and biophilic aspects of design for improving rehabilitation centres in Kenya.