Student Name
Ndwiga Moses
Project Supervisor
Arch. Nyole Florence
Degree Programme
Registration Number
Academic Year
Project year
6th year

This study is an investigation of Motion Picture experience and Motion Picture theatres, highlighting its origins and developments. The scope of the study, in terms of fieldwork, is limited to the county of Nairobi. In this case, a few selected motion picture spaces with the most recent dates of premier and those with high levels of patron attendance were selected to represent all the Motion picture spaces and experience for the larger Nairobi County. Five local case studies in the County were analysed in the study and the selection of samples was based on their location within Nairobi, accessibility to the author, recentness of design, level of technological advancement advertised, availability of relevant information & documentation of case studies, quality of the variables and subjective judgement of the researcher as opposed to random selection. This has been done through the use of both primary and secondary sources. Numerous sources are cited for information on the history and evolution of Motion Picture globally as well as locally in the country. The findings of the fieldwork conducted showcase the state of the Motion picture experience and exhibition spaces in the Nairobi county and the conclusions of the study highlight the recommendations of what to consider when approaching the Motion picture exhibition space from a designer’s perspective with the user in mind.