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Golf course community developments exercise the unique opportunity of preserving and creating wildlife habitat. Industries in the management and development of Golf Courses have become particularly cognizant of their environmental respon-sibilities in recent times and are responsive to new research. ! is thesis research has a particular intent to provide guidance and encouragement for Architects designing contemporary golf resorts. Speci" cally, the author analyzes the transformation of golf courses and golf resorts and the trajectory they have taken to become more modern or more-so contemporary.! e author undertakes an authentication of how information was obtained for this study. ! is ranges from learning from related selection of case studies, data collection techniques, literature review, assumptions made, limitations in the research process and alternative methods used in the study.! e various facilities of the case studies examined are juxtaposed into a comparison which brings about an analysis which relates them with similar cases in the world, hence determining the challenges that face the facility developments and pos-sible solutions in form of recommendations. ! is is to match the new world trends in planning and design of spaces within the golf facilities in Kenya. ! e author has chosen to study with the intension of investigating the various forces that in# u-ence the popularity of these spaces. ! ese forces are both external (landscape design, built form, support facilities) as well as internal (entrances, circulation, interior design-light, color, lines and texture, organization of space, thermal, comfort-visualventilation, acoustics and eff ect of external and internal sources of noise)! e author undertakes a study into the transformation of golf resorts from colonial to contemporary era hence the clarity of the fact that the developments are changing to accomodate an elaborate and chic design of golf courses and club houses.! is transformation is in terms of materials, structure, layout, ventilation as well as orientation which helps derive appropri-ate recommendations and conclusions.