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Urban spaces and streets are places that play a vital role of making urban life more enjoyable and lively. When not well planned and structured they become dysfunctional. Kisii town has become an attractive place for all kinds of traffic that is viewed as a potential market by those in the street vending activity. This has led to an influx of street vending onto the streets, and doing so has affected the smooth functioning of the street.

The main aim of the research is to assess the implications of street vending in urban spaces in kisii town and come up with possible solutions towards integration of them in the spaces.

This research is subdivided into five chapters. Chapter one covers introductory part of the study., that's the preamble, problem statement, aims and objectives, definition of terms, scope of the study, research methodology, hypothesis. The rest of the study is organized as outlined below

Chapter two is about literature review on street vending, its legitimacy as an informal trading activity health and environmental concerns in urban streets.

Chapter three takes into account the analysis of street vending in Kisii town urban spaces, and focuses on the physical and spatial aspects on selected areas within cbd. Materials used in structures, infrastructure and space utility.

There are various studies are drawn from various cities and urban spaces within kenya and the rest of the world on ways they have come to tackle the issue of street vendors. this is elaborated in chapter four.

The final chapter five, conclusions and recommendations is about lessons drawn and applied in the area of study in kisii town if implimented may tackle the issue of spatial integration of street vendors in urban setting.