Welcome to Woodlife Sweden at ADD!

Woodlife Sweden is an exhibition about wood architecture, construction and design,
but a wider approach to the subject also includes sustainable architecture and
sustainable forestry. We hope the exhibition, through a Swedish perspective, may
inspire and boost interest in the advantages of wood architecture – with the overall
aim to reach the Agenda 2030 goals. Woodlife Sweden Exhibition is being hosted by
the Department of Architecture courtesy of the Swedish Ambassador in Nairobi from
18th to the 22nd October, 2021.

The event aims to start a dialogue around local challenges and initiate relevant
discussions about wood as a construction material for architecture, aesthetics and
innovation. Wood is the only renewable building material, and the wood industry is
therefore at the centre of sustainable development. But the industry cannot meet
these challenges alone since only by close collaboration between architects,
designers, engineers and academia can innovation be pushed beyond the current
limitations and be directly implemented into building processes for more sustainable

The exhibition covers a number of contemporary wooden projects from Sweden. The
variety in the selection of the Case Studies show that wood can surround us in all
stages of life and contribute to well-being. It also shows how forest stand for life. It
focuses on different kinds of space, made with wood as its primary material. The
exhibition is divided into 8 chapters: Well-being and wood / Sustainable planning / A
city with public spaces / Wood for vital systems / Designing a circular future / Getting
closer to nature / A good place to work / Where people can thrive.

There will be a presentation on the Exhibition on Thursday, 21 st October, 2021 at
9:00 AM at the ADD Main Entrance Hall.

Please join us.