Course Outline: Lectures and presentations in landform, site analysis and site planning. Design of small and medium sized sites with particular regard to sense of place and the development of innovative and expressive design; the relationship between site use and site design; the application of planting design and concepts to a design situation; concepts of site design theory: spatial experience and landscape meaning; preparation of presentation graphics and models. Use of CAD. Professional practice. Codes and regulations.

Learning Methods: Lectures

Evaluation Method: The students are expected to carry out written assignments, exercises and sit for a continuous assessment test(s)

Final Examination: At the end of semester students are to sit for a two hour written examination

Learning Resources: Students are expected to refer to Landscape architecture construction by Landphair, Harlow C., Landscape architecture; the shaping of man's natural environment by Simonds, John Ormsbee, Landscape detailing by Littlewood, Michael, Landscape graphics : plan, section, and perspectives drawing of landscape spaces by Reid, Grant W.

Team Leaders

L. Arch Ngumo Kariuki - Team leader