4th year academic trip to Mombasa

Fourth Year students from the department of architecture are currently on an academic trip to Mombasa old town.

The 6 day week long trip which started on Sunday,12th March 2023 will run upto Friday, 17th March 2023.

During the trip, the students among other activities will be expected to undertake the following exercises: Assignment and Documentation of Case study Buildings on Mbarak Hinawy and Ndia Kuu; Documentation of Case study of Buildings on Mbarak Hinawy and Ndia Kuu- Measured drawings of Plans, Sections & Elevations, measured drawings of Swahili Constants & Architectural elements.

Further, the students will tour Fort Jesus Museum, Haller Park 2, Visit Gede Ruins and have an excursion to the Malindi Marine National Park & Reserve.

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