Our Mission


Our vision is to be a world class School of Architecture, built on a deep appreciation of African values, engaged in qualitative and meaningful pursuit of knowledge in order to fulfill the aspirations of the community in the continuing search for humane living and working environments.



Our mission is to be a key player in the transformation of our built environment, to create an environment that satisfies the highest ideals of the people of Kenya and the continent of Africa. The department shall provide a quality, values oriented, innovative and technically sound training programme focused on the production of socially responsible practitioners in the building arts; by research that addresses critical issues in our environment; and through an advanced and continuously growing technical capability, direct involvement in the resolution of problems in our built environment. The department shall take up its role as a custodian of knowledge about our history and cultures deriving its inspiration from the achievement of the African people over centuries in the domain of architecture"

In order that the Department may be able to pursue the stated vision, it is necessary that the community of staff, students and technician and administrators that constitute the department of Architecture adhere to the following core values to guide internal and external relationships

  • To perform up to the highest measure of competence, always.
  • To pursue relentlessly the essence of knowledge, to know the truth.
  • To work as a team, recognizing the vital role played by each member of the academic staff, students, non-academic staff and those in the administrative structure of the University.
  • To initiate meaningful actions and to make decisions.
  • To be respectful of the achievement of others, no matter how humble.
  • To acknowledge the special historical debt we owe the traditions and histories of African people.
  • To interact and share information and knowledge.
  • To be responsible and to encourage responsible action.
  • To be protective of the beauty and diversity of the natural environment upon which we focus our activities.
  • To be open minded about the things and phenomena that have not been explained.