Course Code: BAR 502 

Course Title: URBAN DESIGN                                                                     45 Hrs.

Objective of the Course: To provide students with insight on matters Urbanism and Urban design. This will entail an understanding of urban structure and patterns of urban development with special reference to East African region.

Course Outline: There will be lectures on design principles elements and components in urban design, their relevance in urban fabric and function, spatial relationships, issues of growth, image and meaning structure. The lectures will also cover systems for circulation, Transportation, Communication, Services etc. Issues of Redevelopment, renewal, conservation and conversion of land uses and Buildings, Floor space index and density controls, By-laws and planning regulations will constitute the lectures.

Learning Methods: Series of lectures which include assignments and presentations

Evaluation Method: The students are expected to make presentations of field work and case studies. There will be continuous assessment of performance

Final Examination: At the end of semester students are to present/pin-up their portfolio works

Learning Resources: Students are expected to refer to Architecture and urban design by Houghton-Evans, William, The urban pattern: : city planning and design by Gallion, Arthur B., Urban landscape design by Eckbo, Garrett, Urban design : method and techniques by Moughtin, Cliff