Course Code: BAR 107 

Course Title: GEOLOGY                                                                            45 Hrs.

Objective of the Course: To provide students with appreciation of surface of the earth as the base of man's structured environment

Course Outline:. Lectures in the areas of origin and development of the earth's structure, the geological processes and their influence on Architecture and the earth's crust with a special reference to Kenya.

Learning Methods: Series of lectures which include assignments

Evaluation Method: The students are expected to carry out written assignments, case studies or exercises and sit for a continuous assessment test(s)

Final Examination: At the end of semester students are to sit for a two hour written examination

Learning Resources: Students are expected to refer to Advances in earth science; contributions. Edited by P.M. Hurley, The geological aspects of the origin of life on earth by Rutten, Martin GerardThe geological map; an elementary text book for students of geography and geology by Earle, Kenneth Wilson, Geology by Young, Keith