Course Code: BAR 107 

Course Title: CLIMATOLOGY                                                                        45 Hrs.

Objective of the Course: To introduce to students to Meteorology and Climatology,

Course Outline: Lectures that cover Meteorological parameters; Radiation, temperature humidity, precipitation. Septic climatology; modification of climate by man, air pollution; long term and short term climate change. Influence of climate on Architecture.

Learning Methods: Series of lectures which include assignments

Evaluation Method: The students are expected to carry out written assignments, case studies or exercises and sit for a continuous assessment test(s)

Final Examination: At the end of semester students are to sit for a two hour written examination

Learning Resources: Students are expected to refer to Atmosphere, weather, and climate by Barry, Roger Graham, Climate and the environment: the atmospheric impact on man by Griffiths, John F., Climatology : fundamentals and applications by Mather, John Russell, Climatology by Miller, Arthur Austin