Course Code: BAR 309

Course Title: ARCHITECTURAL CONSERVATION 1                                        45 Hrs.

Objective of the Course: To introduce history of conservation, conservation process, designing for conservation and laws and ordinances governing conservation.

Course Outline: Lectures and presentations providing insight on the need and history of conservation, what need to be conserved; the conservation process, identification and survey of the works, designing for conservation, technology for conservation and refurbishment, funding and implementation of conservation projects. Designing for harmony between the "old" and the "new". The practice of conservation. Laws and ordinances governing conservation.

Learning Methods: Lectures 

Evaluation Method: The students are expected to carry out written assignments, exercises and sit for a continuous assessment test(s)

Final Examination: At the end of semester students are to sit for a two hour written examination

Learning Resources: Students are expected to refer to Adaptive reuse: issues and case studies in building preservation by Austin, Richard L., Conserving buildings: guide to techniques and materials by Weaver, Martin E., Planning for conservation by Kain, Roger J.P., A visual approach to urban conservation by Burke, Gerald